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 Brazil and the World Cup in Germany 2006

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Brazil Soccer Champions 2005

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Brazilian Girl Soccer Fan

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                                                                    Fifa Confederations Cup 2005

You must be asking: What the heck does the World Cup in Germany 2006 have to do with Brazil soccer or Brazil travel? Right now, many of the visitors that travel to Brazil want to see a Brazilian soccer game. It is a great opportunity to see sheer talent in action and have a taste of the five-time championís soccer that is played here.

But, what does the World Cup in Germany 2006 have to do with Brazil?! Do you want some reasons? Ok.

Who will be the biggest star at the World Championship in Germany? Brazil. Who does the majority of the world bet their money on? Brazil. Who is the most charismatic team? BRAZIL! Convinced?

So, there was no way we could skip the World Cup in Germany 2006. Because the gods of soccer are from Brazil, no matter what land they play in. Enough said, let's get to business, I mean, expectations.

Five-Time Champions of the World... Going on Six

In Brazil, the land of soccer, the expectations are always high in World Cup years, but this time around, there is an overwhelming optimism towards the national teamís chances. Why? Well, letís go back in time a little.

We were the champions in 1994, in the USA Championship. In 1998, in the France World Cup, Brazil was the runner-up in a very ďstrangeĒ match against team France.

Until today, there is some mystery about what really happened to Brazil in the last game. After all, we were the best team, with the best players, needless to say the favorites. This year the championship goes back to Europe with World Cup in Germany 2006. And Brazil wants to prove it is still the best.

The Masters of Soccer

The Brazilian supremacy is unanimous around the world. We have the best players on the planet. For the last 12 years, seven Brazilians have been elected best player of the world by  Fifa(1) (Federation Internationale de Football Association).Ronaldinho in England

In 2005, Ronaldinho Gaucho, a Barcelona Club player, was first and Ronaldo, also a Barcelona Club player, was third. Ronaldo was elected best player in 1996, 1997 and 2002.

Brazilian athletes playing in Europe have been accomplishing great results in the strongest and largest Europeans clubs. The present generation of Brazilís players is one of the best in the past few decades.

It is a of mix young men with outstanding talent and potential like Robinho, Kaka, Adriano amongst others, with successful and mature athletes like Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos and so on. It is a powerful combination.

In the clubs world championship, Sao Paulo Football Club defeated Liverpool, from England. Besides that, Sao Paulo is also South American Champion.

In June, at the World Cup in Germany 2006, the gods of football will be reunited in one of the biggest parties on earth and will decide if, once more, the  canarinhos(2) will be crowned emperors in the world of soccer.

If you want to know more about the World Cup in Germany 2006:


  (1) Fifa - (Federation Internationale de Football Association). It is the International "Football" Federation and not Soccer. Modern Soccer was invented and named football by the English. The Portuguese word is futebol. Soccer is called football by the majority of the globe. American Football is called, by everyone outside the US, as American Football.

  (2) Canarinhos - nickname of team Brazil players, because of the color of the shirt that is yellow. The same color of a Canary. Canary in Portuguese is Canarinho. Team Brazil is also called, by Brazilians, Selecao Canarinha.











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