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The Natural Pools of Maragogi are a Tropical Playland

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Maragogi Underwater view

Maragogi Natural Pools "Galés"


Maragogi Natural Pools

Maragogi Natural Pools "Galés"


Maragogi Beach

Maragogi Beach

The Natural Pools of Maragogi

                                                                            The Natural Pools of Maragogi   


Beaches in Maragogi are calm, with crystalline water and fine white sand. However, the astonishing natural swimming pools of Maragogi are the big attraction. Six kilometers away from the coast, the Gales (what the swimming pools are called), are breathtaking.

At low tide, the water being only ankle or knee deep, with a mask, the visitor can take in all the beauty of the life under the sea. Fish swim around and come to feed from your hands and the coral formations are stunning.

Boats take tourists to the pools and “bar-boats” have snacks and drinks that can be purchased there, in the middle of the ocean. It is so fun and so beautiful that we list this a one of our favorite Brazil travel destinations.

Getting to Maragogi

Maragogi, in the state of Alagoas, is located 144km from Maceio, capital of Alagoas, and 134 from Recife – PE. If you are driving from either Maceio or Recife, you must take either AL-101 North, PE 060 or BE-101 South highways. Then follow the signs.

The Local Cuisine is delicious

Maragogi is a small town, but because of the notoriety of the natural/shallow pools it has developed a good tourist infrastructure. There are accommodations for every budget and bars and restaurants have delicious traditional food. We recommend sampling some of the local cuisines especially the seafood.

Maragogi Tip

If you are not staying in Maragogi, it might be a good idea to purchase a tour package. There are several local tour agencies in Maceio and Recife that take tourists to Maragogi. The guides know the schedule of the tides and it is safer to have someone who knows the way, take you there.

Besides, the natural pools are delightful but very tiring. After diving all morning and if you have a couple of drinks at lunch, all you want to do is take a nap. After a day in Maragogi, a long drive may be not very enjoyable at all.

However, like anything, some agencies are better than the others, so make sure you do your research about the agencies’ services before hiring them.

We gave Maragogi a 10. We hope you also do.












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