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 Maceio: Land of Sun, Green Waters and a Sea of Palm Trees

World Cup Brazil 2014

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Carro Quebrado Beach Maceio





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Carro Quebrado Beach Maceio, Alagoas   


Maceio is the capital of the state of Alagoas, one of the smallest states in Brazil. But when it comes to beaches beauty, it is “the blessed” state. Well, 230 km of green waters and white sand beaches is a considerable credential.

Maceio was our honeymoon destination. The expectation was big. Everyone wants to have the “perfect” honeymoon and this city of 800,000 friendly inhabitants was just that: perfect!

We arrived on a Saturday afternoon and went for a walk on the sidewalk.

All the in-town beaches have sidewalks (calcadao  in Portuguese) and it is really nice to walk along, stop for coconut water, a beer or a Caipirinha. You can also find several Tapioca (a kind of crepe) vendors. They are very popular in Maceioó and delicious!

The beaches are the best attractions. So let’s start with them.

Going South

Praia do Frances, 32 km from Maceio, has beautiful green waters, is protected by rocks and full of bars and shopping booths. It is always full of people and vendors on the beach. If you are after peace and quiet, take some pictures and go on to paradise on earth: Gunga!

Among the 10 most beautiful beaches in Brazil, Gunga is 47 km away from Maceio. To get there, go to Cais de Sao Miguel and get a boat to Gunga. By the way, Barra de Sao Miguel, where Cais the Sao Miguel is located, is also a beautiful beach. So check it out before embarking on the boat.

Back to Gunga. The boats haveGunga Beach Maceio board service and it is a nice tour. You can also reach Gunga by car, going to Fazenda dos Cocos, but the access is controlled. If you want to go by road, we recommend that you hire one of the local travel agencies in Maceio that do this tour. They have special IDs that allow them in and out. Some taxi drivers also have permits to use Fazenda dos Cocos' private road.

The sand is very white and there is an “ocean” of coconut trees framing this picture perfect place. From Gunga, you can take a buggy to Jacarecica do Sul, which sand reflects a reddish color on the sea. Or just relax and enjoy this precious beach. There are several kiosks on the beach that serve fresh fish and seafood. It is paradise!

Foz do Sao Francisco

Foz of Sao Francisco River is a must go and enjoy a lot trip. Take AL 101 South and go to Piacabucu, 137 km away from Maceio. From there, you get a boat and enjoy an astonishing landscape of small islands and beautiful green waters and manguezais.

When you get to the Foz, you feel like you stepped into a different set of a film: the wind builds the landscape and creates dunes. It is an ecological reserve that preserves sea turtles and birds.

After that it is time for a walk around the dunes and for a well-deserved cool off swim in the river. It is an unforgettable trip.

Going North

Carro Quebrado means “Broken Car”. Rumor has it that Carro Quebrado Beach Maceiosome years ago (no idea how many) a Volkswagen Kombi broke down on the Beach and was left there. So the beach, which access is a little rough, was named after the old Kombi. This is another well-preserved treasure.

There is not a tourist intra-structure in Carro Quebrado. It is kind of rustic, simple and natural stunning beauty.

Further north, 135 km from Maceio, lies Maragogi, home to natural swimming pools 6 km away from the coast into the sea. We just fell in love with it. So will you, we bet.

Lakes and Lagoons

Several lakes and lagoons surround Maceio. You can visit them in boat tours. Get information about these tours at your hotel. There are several local travel agencies In Maceio that organize these tours. The tour will take you to fishing villages and marinas.

Massaguera, a simple but charming fishing village, can also be reached by car. There are several simple but absolutely fantastic restaurants by the river. So you can enjoy the beautiful view while you relish on the delicious fish or seafood dishes. But be careful: people from northeast Brazil in general tend to use very strong condiments in their food. Ask for the light version (leve, in Portuguese) of the dishes. And take it easy because servings tend to be way too much.

Going back to town

Pajucara Beach Maceio

The natural swimming pools of Pajucara are in the heart of Maceio. You can get a “jangada” from Pajucara beach. The swimming pools are beautiful, with small fish swimming around you. The boats take snorkels and masks so you can take a close look at the fish. And there are boats that sell snacks and beverages and Caipirinha made of all kinds of fruits.

As you read our guide you are going to find innumerous mentions to Caipirinha. Yes, we like them a lot. Besides, they go pretty well with sun and beaches.

The other in-town beaches are Jatiuca, for surfers, Sete Coqueiros, Ponta Verde e Pajucara. But we don’t recommend going into these beaches because they are polluted. You can find great, beautiful and clean beaches 20 minutes away.

But do walk along the in-town beaches and get the most of the beautiful view, there are  kiosks and the restaurants along the way.

Maceio Travel Tips


Go to a Folklore Show. It is beautiful and you can have a taste of tMaceiohe rich northeastern Brazil Culture. The show houses go to your hotel and pick you up. They have free shuttle service with scheduled hours. Get information at your hotel desk.

Getting What You Want

Learn a little Portuguese so you can get by without too much stress. Apart from hotel employees, people don’t speak much English in Alagoas. So you will need to learn the basics and use mime, body language and whatever ways you find to communicate. People are very friendly and will try to help you, so be open-minded and you will be fine.

Food and Drink

The gastronomy in Maceio is a feast. And all restaurants, simple and posh, have delicious fish and seafood, and carne de sol (a kind of dried meat), which is also a specialty here. Some of the most famous restaurants are in Praia da Jatiuca. Some suggestions are Canto da Boca, Divina Gula and Peixarao.

Pajucara and Sonho Verde have various kiosks and restaurants that you should also try. And there is nothing like watching the sunset sipping a cold drink in one of those kiosks on the beach.

Shopping in Maceio

Handcrafting in Maceio is huge. The people are extremely talented and everything is so inexpensive that it is impossible to resist. The best places to find a large variety are Nucleo Artesanal do Pontal da Barra (Ponta da Barra); Pavilhao do Artesanato (Av. Antonio Gouveia, Praia de Pajucara); Feirinha de Artesanato da Pajucara (Av. Antonio Gouveia, Pajucara), Mercado de Artesanato de Maceio (Rua Melo Morais, 617 - Levada, Centro; and Cheiro da Terra (Av. Alvaro de Otacilio, 2500 Praia de Jatiuca).

Splurge in Maceio! The products have a great value for your money.

Getting around

It is not difficult to drive in Maceio and the nearby beaches. If you want to rent a car buy a good map. If you don’t speak any Portuguese, the map is going to be your best guide.

There are several local agencies that offer daily tours to several of the attractions. If you don’t want to drive, this is the way to go. You are not as free as you would be with a car, but you don’t have to worry about getting directions. If you get a good guide, it is very worthwhile.

You can also hire a taxi that will take you to any place you heart desires without the schedule of the tours. But you will need to speak some Portuguese if want to go with this option.

Other Attractions

There is a lot to see and enjoy in Maceio and its surroundings. If you have time, you can also visit Duas Barras, em Jequia da Praia and check out Dunas de Marape. Or go north and visit Jacarecica, Garça Torta, Riacho Doce, Sereia, Ipioca and Paripueira.


Recife 288 km, Aracaju 299 km, Joao Pessoa 388, Natal 559, Salvador 632 km, Rio de Janeiro 2131 km, Sao Paulo 2449. 












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