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 Joinville Dance Festival

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Joinville Dance Festival





Festival de Danca de Joinville

Joinville Dance Festival   


Every July, Joinville, in the state of Santa Catarina, south region of Brazil, hosts the largest and the most important dance festival of the country. It receives some 50,000 patrons from all over Brazil searching for the most recent production on national and international levels. Classical, contemporary and popular groups of acclaimed artists and new talents from Brazil and all over come to Joinville either for presentations or competitions.

In 2006, for the 24th Joinville Dance Festival, this charming, European like town welcomed 4,500 participants between students, dancers, choreographers and professors divided into 173 groups. There were 11 days of presentations, courses and lectures. The program was extensive and rich with many styles, group sizes and ages to choose from.

The main events are the Opening and the Gala nights, and the 2006 attractions were the American David Parsons Company and Brazilian Ballet do Teatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro groups.Joinville Dance Festival Dancers

There are eight competition nights in Classical Ballet, Classical Repertoire Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Tap Dance, Jazz, Street Dance and Popular Dances. Groups from Brazil and from all over the world are selected to compete.

You maybe asking how in the world a medium-sized town like Joinville can host such an important dance event that attracts people from around the globe. Well, one of their credentials is that they are the only town to have a branch of the prestigious Bolshoi Ballet School outside Russia. What about that?

The Festival Atmosphere

Even though the end of July is the middle of the winter in Brazil and Joinville gets rather chilly during the winter, July 2006 was amazingly warm in the mid 20s C (70s F). It felt very much like spring.

My nephew lives in Joinville and is a festival admirer. At 20 years old, his favorite style is street dance. When he learned I would be in Brazil in July, he invited me to go to the festival to the street dance competition night. I was very excited about it as I love dance and had attended contemporary and classic dance events before, but never a street dance.

When my brother, my 8-year-old nice and I got to Joinville we were amazed by the number of people on the streets. Young people and teenagers were everywhere. The city had assembled open air stages in five places around town where scheduled presentations took place throughout the day. The air was filled with that special energy that comes to life when art, artists and art lovers get together.

Competitive Night: Contemporary and Street Dance

Thursday, July 27th. The huge Centreventos Cau Hansen was packed with children, adolescents, young and old people. The presentations started with Contemporary Dance, Masculine Solos followed by the Duos and Trios. Last but not least, the Street Dance Groups set the audience on fire. I was surprised by the skill level of the groups and absolutely enchanted with the inspired performances.

Among the audience, the local groups were the favorite. Actually, the winner was from Joinville, Fria das Ruas and it deserved it all the way. They were amazing and the center exploded with their enthusiasm and dance skills.

If you are a dance lover and ever get to travel to Brazil in July, check out the dates of the Joinville Dance Festival at Whatever your favorite dance style is, you will find it there. So besides getting to know a modern and charming town you can also delight yourself with a wonderful art treat. Enjoy!











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