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 A Guide to the Stunning Beauty of Jericoacoara

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Jericoacoara Sand Dune


Jericoacoara Beach

Jericoacoara Beach

Jericoacoa Sand Dune

Jericoacoara Dune

Jericoacoara Palm Trees

Jericoacoara View


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Pedra Furada - courtesy of Embratur by Christian Kneeper


                                                                                 Jericoacoara Sand Dune     


In Jericoacora, you feel completely isolated from the world and in intimate contact with nature. For this reason alone, should be enough to include this wonderful place in their Brazil travel itinerary. But this oasis has much more to offer.

Jeri (its nickname) is sheer beauty in the middle of the dunes of Ceara. This jewel is considered by the Washington Post as one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world.

To preserve this paradise of caves, crystal water lagoons, palm trees and gigantic mobile dunes, the area became an environmental protection area that has the features of a small fishing village: the streets are not paved; electricity is a relatively recent addition and is available only in the houses, there are no street lights.

Attractions of the Jewel of Ceara

Pedra Furada (Perforated Rock)Pedra Furada is the most famous. It is an arch of rock sculpted by the waves and the wind. Lagoa do Paraiso (Paradise Lagoon) is a huge sweet water lagoon of crystal clear water. It is accessible only by dune buggies and 4x4s that leave from Jeri.

Take the opportunity to visit Lagoa Azul (Blue Lagoon). The lagoons are perfect for swimming, diving or kayaking. On the same tour, go to Praia do Prea and taste their excellent fresh fish and shrimp.

The buggy tours are absolutely thrilling!

The Stunning Show of the Sunset

The sunset is also an attraction in Jericoacoara. Actually, it is more than an attraction, it is nature at it's most beautiful. It is an outstanding show, a performance given for free by Mother Nature.   You know that quote that there are things money cannot buy? Well, this is one of them. It is a gift to all who wish to enjoy it.

At around 5:00 PM, the crowd climbs up the biggest dune on the west side of the village to watch it. It is quite a climb, but worth every step of the way.

In Jericoacoara, the sun sets on the sea and it is wonderful to watch it disappear on the horizon. The silence is absolute. People seem to be mesmerized by the simple and astonishing beauty of a natural spectacle. It lasts only a few minutes but it marks you forever.  At the end, everyone applauds and says, thank you Mother Earth!

What to do in Jeri

There is a lot to do in Jeri; it is all up to you. From radical sports, like windsurfing and sand boarding, to walking on the beach and enjoying the peace and quite of a picture perfect landscape. Make sure to try and dance the Forro, the traditional northeast dance.

Now, here is a Forro tip: try to get a local or Brazilian to teach you the basics.  Brazilians are very open and friendly. Even if they donít speak English, and odds are, they wonít, they are very good at body language and miming is a universal language, right?

Forro is not very difficult and you are going to have a lot of fun.

Getting to Jericoara

Jericoacoara is 310 km away from Fortaleza, the capital of the state of Ceara. Any way you chose to go you have to start from Fortaleza.

By bus - very popular, although not so comfortable. The bus goes to Jijoca and there you switch to a 4x4 vehicle that takes you to Jericoacoara. This connection is included in the bus ticket.

By Car - Exit Fortaleza on BR-222. Go up to Umirim and get CE-016 up to Morrinhos. From there, get CE-354 up to Jijoca.

You are going to need a map because the roads aren't very well marked. And you will need to speak Portuguese if you want to ask for directions. It is unlikely to find any locals fluent in English along the way.

The best option is to rent a 4x4 in Fortaleza, because you do need a 4x4 to reach Jericoacoara. The roads into Jeri tend to be rather primitive. Otherwise, you will have to leave the car in Jojoba and rent a 4x4 there. From there, you can also get the 4x4 connection that the buses use. They leave twice day. Get an updated schedule in Fortaleza.

By Jeep - It costs about R$ 200 and takes 5 people with luggage. Get information at Pousada Casa do Turismo, Fortaleza.

By Plane - Can you imagine the view? Wow! Just 45 minutes from Fortaleza. Get information at your hotel.

Jericoacoara's Accommodations and Restaurants

Everything is simple in Jeri, no five star hotels or resorts here. There are pousadas (small private inns, that are a form of sophisticated bed and breakfast) and small hotels that are comfortable and simple.

The restaurants offer delicious local food. So... experiment a little.

If you are looking for the nature at its best, Jericoacoara has what you are searching for.


Did you know that...

Rumor has it the word "forro" is the Brazilian pronunciation of "for all." English professionals in Brazil organized parties that were, sometimes, for everybody. The invitation had the word "For all" at the bottom.

And that's how this folkloric and absolute contagious dance was baptized. Forro is a kind of folk music in the rock 'n' roll tradition. This is the rockabilly of Brazil; raw, rhythmic Saturday night party stuff.











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