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 Fortaleza: Explore the Land of the Sun

World Cup Brazil 2014

 A Host City of World Cup Brazil 2014


Jangadas Fortaleza





Lagoinha - Ceara


Brazil Travelnet

Jangadas-Fortaleza, Lagoinha, Ponte dos Ingleses courtesy of Embratur by Christian Kneeper

Jangadas - Fortaleza


Fortaleza is one of the most complete cities in Brazil. It has rich history and historical buildings all over the city. It is modern with a great tourist infrastructure. It has a vibrant, must enjoy nightlife. Want more? Ok, I thought you would. It has astonishing beaches. Talk about having it all.

The capital of the state of Ceara has two million inhabitants, a friendly and smiling people. You will feel at home in this charming city.

Besides its own beautiful beaches, Fortaleza is the starting point to Ceara amazing coastline towns. Jericoacoara and Canoa Quebrada are small fishing villages with stunning beaches. Jericoacoara is among the most beautiful in the world.

Let’s get back to Fortaleza and get to the point: what is there to do there? You will be amazed!

Fortaleza Attractions: a Blast!

The most famous beach in Fortaleza is Praia do Futuro. Besides being a beautiful beach of white and fine sand, it has great infrastructure with several bars and restaurants. Don’t skip the good fish and shrimp they serve at the restaurants. It is absolutely delicious. The trendiest kiosks on Praia do futuro Itaparicá, Biruta e Chico do Caranguejo. There is live music, games, playgrounds for the children and it is also good for the surf lovers.

Porto das Dunas, 31 km away Fortaleza Sand Dunesfrom Fortaleza, is a beautiful and quiet place. Well, not that quiet. Porto das Dunas is home to the Beach Park and if you are into water parks, this one is a must in your Brazil travel itinerary. The Beach Park is one of the largest water parks in South America.

A very popular attraction is the Insano (Insane), a water slide that equals the height of a 104 floors building. Its speed reaches 101 km/h in four seconds. It is a great place to go because it suits everyone, from small children to the most radical teenager and all the others in between. My husband and my daughter, both crazy about water and parks, had to be dragged out of there.

Porto das Dunas also has got great hotel options. If you are more into natural beauty and peace, you should consider a hotel here instead of Fortaleza. From here you can go to Prainha a simple and enchanting fishing village, 36km from Fortaleza. This is the place for a soothing walk on the beach.

After walking, check the Centro das Rendeiras where local artisans make artwork in lace. Craft in Ceara is beautiful and inexpensive.

The Dunes

What about checking out the dunes in Cumbuco? Best way to do it is by buggy. The bugueiro (buggy driver) is going to ask you if you want the ride with emotion (com emocao) or without it (sem emocao).

If you are more into taking in the view and having a relaxing ride skip the emotion. We had it with it “com emoção”. I don’t have a vote in this kind of stuff with a husband and a daughter like mine.

In the middle of the Dunes you find the Lagoa do Banana (Banana Lagoon) where you can stop for a drink, a snack and a swim. It is an oasis where you can go for a banana-boat or a kayak ride. Jangadas for Rent

From the exquisite beach of Cumbuco, you can go for a Jangada ride in the ocean. Cumbuco is 28 km away from Fortaleza, on the Costa do Sol Poente (Sunset Coast).


Other Attractions

Here goes other attractions in and around Fortaleza you should check out according to your time and itinerary plans.

Av. Beira Mar (Beira Mar Avenue) - go for a walk. There is a variety of kiosks, bars and also a crafts fair (feira de artesanato) where you can purchase great items. It opens everyday from 4pm to 10pm. You can do that after dinner, at the end of great day on the beach.

Ingleses Point

Ponte dos Ingleses - great place to enjoy Fortaleza sunset. Another option for a nice way to end the day with golden key. Located at the end of the sidewalk of Praia da Iracema.

Centro de Turismo (Turismo Center - Rua Senador Pompeu, 350, Centro) - Shopping, shopping, shopping! There 104 boxes/stores to choose from all kinds of local craft, which is wonderful. From beachwear to hammocks, and also Cajun nuts, cachaça and traditional sweets. You can find everything there.

On the second floor there are two museums: Museu dos Minerais (Minerals Museum) and Museu de Arte e Culturas Populares (Art and Popular Culture Museum).

Since we are talking about shopping, Mercado Central (Central Market - Avenida Alberto Nepomuceno, 199 - Centro) is another great option for craft.  Also check the Centro de Artesanato do Ceara (Ceart), in Praca Luiza Tavora (Avenida Santos Dumont,1589, bairro Aldeota).

Museu do Ceará (Ceara Museum - Rua Sao Paulo, 51 - Centro) - exquisite building fo the early 1800s. It offers guided visits.

From Fortaleza you can visit some of Brazil’s most precious places:

Jericoacoara was considered one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world by the Washington Post.

Canoa Quebrada you will leave you speechless with its stunning beauty.


Natal 540 km, Teresina 637 km, Joao Pessoa 690 km, Recife 800 km, Sao Luis 1070 km, Salvador 1390 km, Rio de Janeiro 2805 km, Sao Paulo 3130 km.











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