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 Facts of Brazil in a Nutshell

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 Brazil Travelnet

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Ok. Facts of Brazil in a “nutshell” is asking too much. But the main goal here is to give you an overview of the country, so you can know some of the basics, what to expect and have elementary knowledge of the customs.

There is a vast gulf of misconceptions between what foreigners imagine Brazil is and the real country. The aim of this travel guide is to help narrow the gap.

This website edited by a Brazilian and an American and it is designed to provide a broad perspective of Brazil through two distinct points of view: a native’s and a foreigner’s. We want you to have all the information you need to make the most of your Brazil travel. Facts of Brazil is a ever-changing section. It will grow with time.

Brazil and Tourism

Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world. The land has multiform landscapes from beaches, rainforests and wetlands to sand dunes and rivers, Brazil has it all. It is warm throughout the year in most of the country. Brazil is the perfect adventure destination and ideal for a family vacation, for a honeymoon, fishing, diving… well, you get the idea.

It took the country a long time to realize its tourism potential. And even longer for the government to take action and invest in an industry that has everything it needs to be extremely successful. Before Brazilians discovered their country’s tourism potential, European foreigners, enchanted by the Brazil’s natural beauty, were already in the country developing small tourism businesses.

Anyway, back to our travel guide. To make it easy and simple, we are going to divide this overview into subcategories. Each one will deal with one aspect of Brazil it would be good to know before traveling there. So, let’s get started.

Numbers and Basic Information
Facts of Brazil

Area: 8,514,204.8 km²

Population: 184,739,395 inhabitants (2005).

Climate: Equatorial, Tropical, Atlantic, Sub-tropical and Semi-arid.

Average temperatures: 28o C in the North, 22o C in the South.

Forest Area: 5,511,000 km²

Capital: Brasília

Largest cities: Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo  Horizonte, Salvador, Fortaleza, Brasilia, Curitiba, Recife, Manaus,  Porto Alegre, Belem, Goiania, Guarulhos, Campinas e Nova Iguacu.

States: 26 divided into 5 regions: Center-West, North, Northeast, Southeast and South.

  1. Acre (AC)
  2. Alagoas (AL)
  3. Amapa (AP)
  4. Amazonas (AM)
  5. Bahia (BA)
  6. Ceara (CE)
  7. Espirito Santo (ES)
  8. Goias (GO)
  9. Maranhao (MA)
  10. Mato Grosso (MT)
  11. Mato Grosso do Sul (MS)
  12. Minas Gerais (MG)
  13. Para (PA)
  14. Paraiba (PB)
  15. Parana (PR)
  16. Pernambuco (PE)
  17. Piaui (PI)
  18. Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
  19. Rio Grande do Norte (RN)
  20. Rio Grande do Sul (RS)
  21. Rondonia (RO)
  22. Roraima (RR)
  23. Santa Catarina (SC)
  24. Sao Paulo (SP)
  25. Sergipe (SE)
  26. Tocantins (TO)

Borders: Uruguay, Argentine, Paraguay, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, French Guyana, Suriname, Guyana and Venezuela.

Language: Portuguese, but with a different accent from Portuguese spoken in Portugal. Actually, Brazilians like to say they speak “Brazilian” since the language has been influenced by different cultures and languages and is very distinct from Portuguese from  Portugal.

National Passion: Brazil Soccer. From the President to the average Joe everybody is crazy about soccer. For Brazilians, Brazil soccer is a form of art.

Phone Code: 55

Internet code: .br

Time Zones: Four time zones. The Official time is Brasilia, time – 3 hours less GMT.

Daylight Savings Time: From September to February in 10 states and in Distrito Federal, where the capital Brasilia is located.

Currency: Real (Plural – Reais)

Voltage: 110V and 220V, AC @ 60Hz. It varies according to the state.

Making calls

International Calls: dial: 00 + operator code + country code + area code + phone number.

Long Distance calls in Brazil: 0 + operator code + area code + phone number.

Reverse charge international calls: dial 0800-703-2111

Operators and Codes

Brazil Telecom 14

Telefonica 15

Embratel 21

Intelig 23

GVT 25

Telemar 31



Cross Cultural

Contrasts and Challenges

Culture and People











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