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 The Tantalizing Carnival in Salvador

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Carnival in Salvador


Carnival in Salvador-BA

A view of the Carnival Parade in Salvado
Carnival at Night in Salvador
Carnival Parade at Night in Salvador
Colorful Carnival in Salvador
Carnival Drums in Salvador


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Prefeitura de Salvador


Carnival in Salvador   


The Carnival in Salvador, in the state of Bahia, has been rivaling Rio's Carnival in recent years. Its popularity, like those of Recife and Olinda, in the State of Pernambuco it is greatly due to the fact that it is celebrated on the streets, with no need to pay for a show that is done by the people themselves.

The Carnival adds a lot to Salvador's appeal and make this city one of the most popular Brazil travel destinations.

Huge floats carry musicians and dancers, in addition to all the instruments and gigantic speakers. Carnival Parade in SalvadorThese floats are called “trio eletrico” (electric trio).

Famous Brazilian singers from Bahia ride on top of the “trio eletrico” singing and, literally, "electrifying" the people on the ground who follow the floats, singing and dancing. It is pure energy.

A song composed by Caetano Veloso - one of Brazil’s most outstanding songwriters and singers – gives an idea of what Salvador’s Carnival is like. It goes like this: “Atrás do trio elétrico só não vai quem já morreu...” (Only the dead don’t follow the electric trio...).

And you really have to be dead if you don’t get into the spirit and dance till you drop. The music here has a different beat. It’s called Axe.

An Afro-Brazilian Beat

Salvador has strong African influences and this heritage is rich in the artistic expression of this pulsating city. Afoxe is an Afro-Brazilian rhythm in which the performers sing in African dialects and use musical instruments and clothes that reflect the African traditions. There are several groups of Afoxe in Salvador that also parade during the Carnival. It is just beautiful.

Following the "Trio Eletrico"

It requires some energy to follow the trio elétrico. Even if you don't dance, the crowd will make you move. But on the sidewalks, that are free (duh!), or from the hotel balconies, for which you have to pay, you can experience the vibrations of the Salvador da Bahia's Carnival. Check with your hotel about the options to better enjoy Salvador's Carnival.

By the way, if you are planning a family vacation to Salvador during the Carnival, you can choose to experience the parades in anything from a semi-private box to a large hotel's balcony with scores of people, and anything in between. The nice thing about some of the boxes and hotels is that, the price includes all your food, beverage and drinks.

You can join a "Carnival Block", Bloco de Carnival. Carnival Floats in SalvadorA Bloco is a group of people that follow an individual float for the entire parade. You pay a small fee, get an official  T-shirt, and become a true participant of this exciting spectacle. You become part of the parade itself and are therefore encompassed within the security zone of "your float".

Salvador's Carnival Tip

Salvador in the summer is really hot. So the rule is to wear comfortable, light clothes and shoes. It is better to take just enough money for that night's or day's expenses and just one credit card.

If you are going to follow the crowd, don't take expensive cameras or large bags. They will slow you down and could be lost or stolen, since you will be completely mesmerized by the energy and excitement of it all.

There are more than one million people on the streets of Salvador during every day of the Carnival. And even though it is safe, with this many people it is not wise to carry valuable items with you.

But you will feel very safe because a couple hundred of your best friends in the world (for this night anyway) will be with you, to watch out for you and show you a good time.

Enough said, have a blast!











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