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 Brazil Real Estate

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A house in Guaruja, Sao Paulo.





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Guaruja, Sao Paulo


Buying Brazil Real Estate usually starts by realizing your Brazil travel dream. You spend some time on an astonishing beach or fall in love with the fishing possibilities. Maybe you are a bird lover and since Pantanal is a bird sanctuary, you decide Brazil is THE PLACE to live. Well, it may very well start like that. Or you can simply conclude the Brazilian real estate market seems to offer good deals and you decide to go for it.

Because real state laws differ from country to country, the first question that comes to mind is: can foreigners buy real estate in Brazil? Yes, they certainly can and it is a simple process. We will tell you all about it in a moment.

Why buy Brazil Real Estate?

The Brazil real estate market is booming. There are some clear aspects that accentuate this tendency. Brazil is a vast country with 7,400 km of coastline catering to all possible tastes. There are the urban coastal cities of Rio de Janeiro, Florianopolis, Salvador and Fortaleza to name a few. You can enjoy all the pleasures of a modern metropolis such as an upbeat nightlife and diverse cultural activities, at the same time you can bask on the beach anytime you feel like it.

A street view in Guaruja, Sao Paulo.

The Brazilian coast also shelters innumerous small fishing villages for the souls looking for quiet, peaceful or pristine beaches. But it is not only about the beaches. There are the under populated regions of the Amazon and Pantanal and the historic  cities of Bahia, Pernambuco and Minas Gerais.

The natural or man made beauties allied with a very low cost of living, if compared to the United States or Europe, make Brazilian real estate a very attractive investment. To top it all off, real estate in Brazil is still very affordable for the most part.

Some cities are not "cheap" any longer. Buzios, in the state of Rio the Janeiro, is a top international destination and so are the prices of real estate. Financial experts predict that prices in Brazil will go up eventually. However, right now they are great for potential buyers.

There are not accurate statistics about how much small and medium foreign investors are purchasing, but the general feeling is that foreign investment has been growing steadily.

The Legal Details

Foreigners are welcome to buy property in Brazil. So if you are interested in investing in real estate, here are the legal procedures for buying property in Brazil.


CPF (Cadastro de Pessoa Fisica)

How to get a CPF

Go to a branch of Receita Federal. There is one in every main city of Brazil. You need to show your passport and the entry form to the country (the one you fill in on the airplane). You pay a small fee at any Banco do Brasil and your CPF is mailed to you at an address in Brazil. You can use your real state brokerís address.

Get a trustworthy Real State Broker

The broker can help you find the property of your dreams besides taking care of all the red-tape, negotiation and contract involving the deal. Ask to see the license number which is called CRESCI (Conselho Regional dos Corretores de Imoveis).

Transferring the Property

The transaction takes place in Cartorio de Registros de Imoveis (similar to a notary). The broker should make sure the documentation is correct and the contract has all your information, the sellerís information, the propertyís details and conditions of payment.

The cost of transfer is usually 4% of the propertyís value. Registration done, you are the owner of a property in Brazil. That was the easy part.

What if you want to live in Brazil permanently? You need to meet some of the Brazilian law requirements just like you would in any other nation. You can become a legal resident of Brazil if:

-  You are married to a Brazilian.

-  You have a child with a Brazilian.

-  You are retired, over 50, with a minimum of US$ 2,000 dollar-pension a month.

-  You plan to invest a minimum of US$ 50,000 in productive activities.

-  You are the administrator, manager or director of a company; a researcher or high level specialist.

 A pool in Guaruja, Sao Paulo.












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