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 Balneario Camboriu Blends Gorgeous Beaches and
 Upbeat Nightlife

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Balneario Camboriu





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 Balneario Camboriu - Beach Central   


Balneario Camboriu is the party animals’ destination in the state of Santa Catarina. After all, it is known as the Brazilian Ibiza. Add beautiful beaches to the equation and you have a great Brazil travel destination on hand.

Camboriu is clean, has great infra-structure and you can get by if you speak Spanish. There are several Argentinean-owned businesses in Balneario Camboriu. Moreover, Argentineans love vacationing in this pleasant city, so Spanish is kind of the second non-official language.

A view from the top

Unipraias Park Tram.A good way of beginning to know your whereabouts is to take the Parque Unipraias tram - which carries up to six people – and takes you to the top Morro da Aguada (Aguada Mount). It connects the beaches of Barra Sul and Laranjeiras with a stop at the station of Mata Altantica, in the middle of the forest. The view of the beaches and of the protected rainforest below is simply breathtaking.

The tram journey starts at Barra Sul Station that has shops, restaurants, bars and a parking lot. The second stop is Mata Altantica, on top of the Morro da Aguada. Up there, there is a park with trails, lookouts, coffee shops and kiosks.

The big attraction on Morro da Aguada is the Adventure Park. If you like going around the forest Tarzan-style this is for you. The way you explore the park is swinging from rope to rope and crossing rope bridges.    It is an exciting way of experiencing the forest while enjoying it and learning how to preserve and respect nature.

The last station is Praia das Laranjeiras. It is a small bay with calm waters and excellent infrastructure. There are several restaurants, bars and kiosks, you won’t go hungry or thirsty in Laranjeiras. And this is also the beach for water sports such as jet-ski and water skiing.

A view of Camboriu Laranjeiras beach. Camboriu Laranjeiras Beach.

Going by Ship

You can Cabras a return ticket for the Parque Unipraias tram or get a combined ticket with the Captain Hook. You go by ship enjoying the company of pirates while you tour the beaches and come back by tram. The ship is a great option for kids because the staff dresses as characters and put on a small show during the trip. With the ship you can also take a close look at Ilha das Cabras (Goats Island) on the way.  

Balneario Camboriu Beaches

With a great number of restaurants and bars, Praia Central is sheer entertainment, but it wouldn’t be my first choice for swimming. As in any inner city beach, the sea is not always clean. However, it is perfect for walks, to see people, to have a drink and fun.

The most famous is Praia do Pinho due to its international fame as the first official naturism beach in Brazil. There is Praia de Taquaras for the ones looking for a peaceful time on the beach, and also Taquarinhas good for fishing.

Balneario Camboriu Taquarinhas beach

A view of Balneario Camboriu Taquaras beach.
Taquarinhas Beach Taquaras Beach

Praia do Estaleiro is a beach of clear waters where you can take it easy and bask in the sun. It has a good intrastructure with bars and restaurants. If you want to go surfing Praia dos Amores is your destination.

Eating, Drinking and Dancing

Via Gastronomica. This is the name of the street where you can find all kinds of restaurants. Simple, gourmet, Italian, Brazilian… you name it. An Italian option we liked was the Pasta & Gril restaurant (R. D. Afonso, 700 (Via Gastronomica). It you fancy meat, try the Carnes restaurant (Av. Marginal Leste, 260/R. 3300). For a taste of the Brazilian cachaca two options are Cachacaria Uai (Av. Atlantica, 2334) and Emporio e Cahacaria Inconfidencfia Mineira (Av. Alvin Bauer, 100). To dance chek out the Baurite and the Ibiza. Nightlife entertainment in Balneario Camboriu is five stars. Make sure you try some of it.

What is nearby Balneario Camboriu?

Only 35 km to the north, in Penha, is the Beto Carrero World: the largest theme park in Latin America. With wild animals, rides and shows this may be a nice choice for families with kids.

If you are the adventure type you should visit Ilha do Arvoredo (Arvoredo Island). This is for good swimmers only. Rent a boat with a experienced pilot because you will be in open sea. This trip takes three to four hours by fishing boat.

A less radical trip to Ilha do Arvoredo is to go to Bombinhas (32 km away) by car and from there take a boat to the island. This trip takes less than an hour and you get to enjoy a beautiful island all the same.


Florianopolis (capital of the state of Santa Catarina) 80 km, Joinville 107 km, Brusque 43 km, Itajai 10km.











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