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 About Us

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We are Marcia and David, a Brazilian and an American. We are both in love with Brazil. One by birth, by blood, by roots. The other by the best possible reason: choice. David and Marcia

Marcia is the journalist and therefore the main writer. David is the Webmaster, edits the texts and puts his two cents in all the pages also. I, Marcia, am going to tell you how it all began.

A New Life

In December 2003, we got married. I was living in Brazil and David in the U.S. So, I moved to the U.S. with daughter, dog, books, boxesÖ the works! David had a business in Montana, and I too had plans to start my own business.

I had already lived in other countries before moving to the U.S. and I knew, by experience, that for a professional whose tools are words, it is hard to find work in your field in a foreign country, unless you are an international correspondent or want to teach a foreign language. Not my case.

I thought about starting an events promotion company which is something I worked with some years ago. The project never developed into a business. So, I kept looking for the right thing for me.

During the Internet boom in Brazil, in the late 1990's, I worked for a sports website. Like many other websites that blossomed in that era, the one I worked for died a year after it was created. However, during the time I worked there, I learned something about the Internet, a new and vibrant media that had so many prospects.

Because of this previous experience with the internet and because I like writing, I thought I could use my skills to do something profitable. So I began investigating the possibilities for an internet business.

Finally, the Ideal Opportunity

In one of my gazillion searches, I came across a website that caught my eye amongst the hundreds I had seen about building your own internet business. Different from the others, this one didnít promise that I would get rich quick. Nope! It didnít promise that I wouldnít have to work either. Actually, it made clear the fact that if a person didnít plan on working on the business, she would be better off looking somewhere else because the program required work to be successful.

But it did promise something that sold me: if I brought my energy and enthusiasm and was willing to put the effort into writing great content about what I knew and loved, the program would make the hard part of the business (marketing and technology) work smoothly.

The website was and the Program was Site Build It! There was an Action Guide that could be downloaded for free. It showed how it was possible, doable and how I could build my own online business out of something I knew and loved. I didnít have any marketing or programming background, but with SBI! I didnít really need it. It sounded great! The really good thing is that SBI! is truly GREAT! Check it out for yourself with this Quick Tour.

After a few visits to I decided to download the Action Guide.
I read it and had no doubts about what to do next: Brazil-Travelnet ďwas bornĒ.

A Real Business

I never had second thoughts about building a website regarding Brazil. Not just because I am Brazilian, after all we are 180,000 million. Anybody, Brazilian or not, could build a website about Brazil. Nevertheless, I knew I had a kind of insight that was unique. Having lived in other countries on three different continents gave me a different vision of my homeland than that of a Brazilian that has never lived abroad or of a foreigner that has only visited the country.

I see the beauty, the problems, the challenges, the potential through a different light. I read Brazilian newspapers every other day and all my family and many friends live there. I still go to my dentist of many years in Brazil and to my family doctor. There are things that you canít let go easily!

In addition, David makes an important contribution to the website bringing in a different input than mine. He adds a lot to things that I would skip because of the very fact that I am Brazilian. I had never expected him to have such an empathy with Brazilian culture and the people. He has already picked the perfect place for our second home: Maceio, in the State of Alagoas. This is still under discussion, of course. The fact is that we are perfect business partners. One complements the other.

Anyway, besides the tourist information, we want to give you a perception and a better understanding of Brazil, as much as we can. We want to share our Brazilian experience with you. And we hope that you benefit and enjoy the information we bring you.

Thatís a bit about us, Marcia, David and Brazil-Travelnet.

All the best,












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